NFTs  Non-Fungible Token(s)
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NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens have become the latest tool in monetizing art, digital files, or any digital asset - on the internet, online, digital space. NexGen can both; generate + integrate any set of your digital assets into an NFT for your market place, customers - via auction, e-commerce, or virtually any method by which the smart contract deploys the transaction. Retain transparency, control through your own eco-system for maximum benefit to you, your customers.

NexGen can 'white label' your website by designing, deploying, embedding your catalog of media, files and provide entire transactional loop for you, your customers.


We understand that the vast majority of market will use traditional means / methods for payment - NexGen Design will provide a turn-key, seamless solution for the transaction.

NexGen can also provide details as to how best maintain the digital quality of the file format - to mitigate, reduce 'digital decay' - preserving the unique file, content to it's optimal state, hence retaining the greatest value.

What are NFTs?  Non Fungible Token - is an encrypted piece of any arbitrary data; Digital Art, Music, even scanned or digitized media content. This file is then 'tokenized' (mostly on the Ethereum ERC712 Token platform) - wrapped in a Blockchain Smart Contract to implement data transference, integrity and authentication. What makes a token a NFT - "Non-fungible” is the unique encryption and validation. This assures via the blockchain that this unique file can’t be replicated or replaced.

Technical Consulting

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Technical Consulting

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